Power Generation Packaged Systems

Industrial Power Generation Systems
Oil & Gas Power Generation Systems
OnPower, Inc.’s Power Generation Packages incorporate the Siemens SGT-A05 family of Aeroderivative Industrial Gas Turbines, previously the Rolls-Royce Industrial 501-K. The more than 2,500 SGT-A05 Series industrial gas turbines installed around the world under Rolls-Royce and Siemens have accumulated over 65 million operating hours. This experience further demonstrates the dependability and reliability of the SGT-A05 design. The SGT-A05 gas turbine is based on the proven T-56 turboprop engine, recognized for its reliability in the Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

Industrial Power Generation

  • Peaking and Continuous Electrical Power Generation
  • Distributed Electrical Power Generation
  • Combined Heat and Power Applications
  • Combined Cycle Applications
    • Full Condensing Steam Turbine
    • Extraction / Condensing Steam Turbine

Industries Served

Universities and Municipalities District Energy Plants
Food and Beverage Processing
Financial Data Centers
Public Utilities
Pulp and Paper Mills
Sewage and Waste Water Treatment

Oil and Gas Power Generation

Applications include: Onshore Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Gas Treating Plants and Offshore Drilling and Production Platforms
Continuous Electrical Power Generation
Waste Heat Recovery for Gas Treating and Enhanced Oil Recovery

Gas Turbine Generator Set Packages

Nominal rating based on ISO standard conditions at 15ºC (59ºF), sea level and no inlet / exhaust duct losses, relative humidity 60% and natural gas fuel with lower heating value (LHV) 35 MJ/nm3 (940 Btu/scf).


Fast Starting from stand still to full speed in less than 60 seconds.
Rapid Loading from 0% to 100% load in less than 90 seconds.
Excellent Transient Response full load pick-up and drop capability.
Remote mounted gas turbine generator control panels suitable for control room installation.


Light weight turbine design provides easy removal and handling.
Modular Construction simplifies on-site maintenance and increases on-line availability.
Rugged Reliable Performance.
Mechanical Run and Performance Testing at the factory reduces on-site time for commissioning.


Epicyclic or Parallel Offset Double Helical Design Speed Reduction Gearboxes.
Four pole AC Generator available for 50 and 60 Hertz applications.
Multiple Fuel System and Emission Control Options Dry Low Emission System Available.
Package mounted acoustical and weatherproof enclosures simplify installation.


Siemens SGT-A05 (Industrial 501-K) Aeroderivative Industrial Gas Turbines.
Gearboxes free standing of face mounted to the generator.
Single shaft cold end drive turbine design.
Single lift structural base plate for gas turbine, generator and gearbox reduces installation time and insures alignment.
RR 501KB5s30 ft. 4 in.9 ft. 6 in.7 ft. 6 in.70,000 lbs.
RR 501KB7s33 ft. 7 in.10 ft. 2 in.7 ft. 6 in.80,000 lbs.
RR 501KH534 ft. 6 in.10 ft. 2 in.10 ft.82,000 lbs.
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