Operational Support / Project Installation / Site Testing

OnPower, Inc. provides a comprehensive operational support for customers with genuine OEM spare parts and operations and maintenance programs for our gas turbine packages.

Field Service

We provide scheduled and unscheduled service calls, quarterly and annual inspections that include Borescope inspections of Gas Turbine Combustion Section and Turbine Section Components.

We offer Gas Turbine and Generator Package Consumable and Operational Spare Parts


Maintenance Programs

Gas Turbine Generator Package Long Term Service Agreement

  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Borescope Inspections of Gas Turbine Combustion Section and Turbine Section Components
  • Preventative maintenance programs help our customers to move from a reactive and time-based maintenance programs to a pro-active and condition-based program
  • Availability
  • Fuel Analysis and Testing
  • Lube Oil Analysis and Testing

Gas Turbine Overhauls

Gas Turbine Overhaul includes onsite inspection, field as well as factory repair or replacement of gas turbine components and testing of the overhauled gas turbine. During a major overhaul the gas turbine is completely disassembled, inspected, reassembled and tested at full load, to ensure that original performance is restored. Overhauled, zero-time gas turbine, incorporates the latest in technology improvements to maximize safety and reliability



Interested in Technical Training? We provide both Operator and Technician Training.

Project Installation and Site Testing

Gas Turbine Generator Package Installation Supervision
Gas Turbine Generator Package Commissioning and Startup Supervision
Gas Turbine Generator Package Site Testing Supervision
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