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Company Overview

OnPower, Inc. is composed of highly experienced equipment packing specialists. The company specializes in rotating equipment, controls and support systems for power generation and marine propulsion. OnPower, Inc., established in June 2001 by Larry D. Davis, former president of U.S. Turbine Corporation, a firm well known for providing top quality power generation equipment and services. Concentrating on electric power generation and marine propulsion packages since 2001, OnPower, Inc. was selected in 2003 to design, engineer and package, in conjunction with Siemens Fuel Cell systems, a 1 MW - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System. As a result this successful project and our significant gas turbine packaging experience, OnPower, Inc. was appointed as sole distributor in the Americas for the Siemens SGT-A05 (Industrial 501-K) gas turbines.

OnPower, Inc. houses an assembly and fabrication warehouse of 75,000 SF, with an office space for design and engineering of 8,250 SF. The facility is capable of all welding and light machining needs and houses a separate clean room used for all electrical and controls assembly. On-site we have a 12.5 MW variable resistive load bank and a 400 kW mobile APU for any testing and black start simulation needs. OnPower’s 2 acre test pad utilizes an extensive power control and data acquisition room for testing with the ability to test both natural gas and liquid fuel.

Office/Engineering Space: 8,250 SF

Shop Size: 75,000 SF

Clean room for all electrical and control room assembly

Test Site: 12.5 MW Variable Resistive Load Bank


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